Studying with Tao Jia Martial Arts

Whilst we charge a fee for lessons and workshops, Tao Jia Martial Arts does not operate at a profit nor was it intended to, the school exists in order for us all to develop our skills together to develop functional martial arts skills and for personal improvement. We teach adults and expect them to be able to learn in an mature manner.

Studying a traditional combat system should not be taken lightly as it is a commitment in terms of time and effort, Our school is open to all, experienced or beginner, however it is set up to teach those students who are willing to learn, make themselves coachable and invest time to develop skill. Those local students wishing to study must regularly attend sessions, at least weekly but preferably more frequently, and commit to a regular home practice, Distance students learning via seminars are expected to be competent at previously learnt material before learning more, they are also required to find suitable training partners to develop practical fighting skill. 

A particularly common error I have observed amongst new students who wish to learn our disciplines is treating them as short cuts, ways to avoid hard training. Any boxer or wrestler knows the importance of constant repetition of the basics, fitness maintenance and conditioning but all too often 'martial artists' from traditional schools show embarrassingly little development in all three.

In short, our Martial Arts are based on discipline, repetition, practice and sweat, if you do not wish to engage at that level kindly do not engage in our classes. Dabblers are politely discouraged.

However, have a genuine willingness to train, to learn and to reflect alongside the ability to discipline yourself, to make the time to practice and to prioritise coming to class, even when its not ideal, then I will make every effort to transmit as much a I know as well as I can.

Ways to learn

Ways to learn from Tao Jia

1. Regular lessons in full time Kwoon in Bury Lancashire

2. Monthly workshops for Distance students (by application only contact for information)

3. Private sessions available in Wigan, Lancashire

4. Online material at

5. Hire Chris for a seminar/workshop

Seminars and Workshops

I am available for seminars and workshops. These can be bespoke and cover any element from the systems I teach which you would like to focus on, or an ongoing courses aiming to teach complete arts over a period of time. I love teaching and really enjoy giving seminars. However, my time and resources are limited and sadly, due to lapses in basic courtesy I have experienced when travelling to conduct seminars previously, I am laying out my basic requirements:

1. All travel and food to be paid for by seminar organiser(s).

2. If required, reasonable B&B accommodation to be paid for.

3. Minimum cost £50 per hour of seminar, any money made over and above that is shared equally between seminar organiser and myself. Of course any payment must be worthwhile compared to time commitment.

For more information email:

Phone 07366 153899

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